Life Stories

My husband and I had an annual holiday party, this particular year I had forgotten to bring up and wash wine glasses from the wet bar area in the basement. Henri had just arrived as I was running up and down the stairs trying to correct my oversight. Henri said hello, gave me quick hug, assessed the situation and joined in retrieving the errant wine glasses. Henri then washed them as I dried. Here was this pillar of the community and international business icon just helping out a frazzled hostess, and doing it with charm, wit and grace. We joked that I could provide him an excellent reference if he ever needed a dishwashing job. Henri was a true friend to many, including my husband and me. My husband and Henri were friends for over 40 years, I only had the privilege of knowing him for the past 7. We are shocked and saddened by his very premature passing. Belinda, Adriana, Nicholas and the entire family are in our thoughts and prayers.